Episode 124

Published on:

21st Feb 2020

Documentary Film Promotions & Marketing with Jon Reiss

The playing field for distribution, promotions, and marketing for independent documentary filmmakers seems to be changing daily. But one thing that remains, is Jon Reiss, the veritable guru on all things film distro, promotions, and marketing. And for this week's episode he weighs in on this latest, including how social media marketing and ad placements are becoming a very important part of the doc filmmaker's toolkit.

And for my segment, I delve into 5 Tips for Getting Your Documentary Into a Festival!

5 Tips for Getting Your Documentary Into a Festival

  1. Give a good hook
  2. Get great sound
  3. Enter fests early
  4. Evoke emotion
  5. Use Film Freeway


Topics Discussed

  • the importance of giving great thought to your potential audience before filming
  • partnerships and how they benefit the doc filmmaker
  • how social media plays an integral role in marketing for your doc
  • ad social media over organic social media
  • understanding how your audience gets their information


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