International Women Leading A Documentary Life

The International Women of TDL (so far).

As today, March 8th, 2018, is #InternationalWomensDay we thought we’d take a look back through the archives to revisit the strong, intelligent and creative women we’ve had on the show (so far!).

Each of which, in one way or another,  are leading their own documentary lives.

Here they are, starting from the most recent podcast episode:


Leah Warshawski

Episode #59: Film Funding & Distribution w/ ‘Big Sonia’ Filmmakers

Profession: Documentary filmmaker

Projects: Finding Hillywood and Big Sonia.


Preeti Mankar Deb

Episode#56: How to Shoot a Micro-doc with Preeti Mankar Deb

Profession: Filmmaker

More info: Preeti / Micro Documentaries


Joanna Rabiger

Episode 55: How to Write your Documentary Film Grant Proposal

Profession: Professional writer for documentary film proposals and fundraising

More info: Joanna


Rebekah Louisa smith

Episode 52: 5 Things to Look For in a Fiscal Sponsor

Profession: Founder of The Film Festival Doctor

More info: Rebekah / Film Festival Doctor


Lourdes Portillo

Episode #51: The Imposter Syndrome

Profession: Documentary filmmaker

Projects: The Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo / The Devil Never Sleeps / Senorita Extraviada /Al Mas Alla


Rebecca Dreyfus

Episode #50: 5 Ways to Nurture your Doc Life

Profession: Documentary filmmaker

Projects: Stolen / On Meditation


C. Fitz

Episode #46: 5 Ways to Edit More Efficiently

Profession: Filmmaker

Projects: Jewel’s Catch One / An Undeniable Voice


Jennifer Brea

Episode #41: How to Get Your First Documentary Grant

Profession: Thriver & Filmmaker

Project: Unrest


Clara Lehmann

Episode #40: How to Shoot Great Looking B-roll

Profession: Filmmaker & Post Production House

More info: Coat of Arms


Rose Tucker

Episode #38: 5 Reasons to Study Documentary Filmmaking

Profession: Filmmaker

More info: Urtext Films / Barbecue


Shaleece Haas

Episode #30: New Weekly Show!

Profession: Filmmaker

Projects: Real Boy / IMDB


Lindsey Grayzel & Deia Schlosberg

Episode #26: Arrested Filming Your Documentary

Profession: Filmmakers

Projects: The Reluctant Radical


Faith Fuller

Episode #11: Desktop Documentaries

Profession: Founder of Desktop Documentaries

Project: Briars in the Cotton Patch


Lydia B. Smith

Episode #5: The Power of a Grassroots Campaign

Profession: Filmmaker

Project: Walking The Camino: Six Ways To Santiago



Producer and Content Creator, Stephanie Vincenti

Stephanie has worked in the narrative and documentary feature film industry for over 12 years. She is also a producer and content creator for The Documentary Life.

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