The D-Word



d-word \ ‘ d-word \ n: 1. industry euphemism for documentary (as in: “We love your film but we don’t know how to sell it. It’s a d-word.”). SEE: catch 22, self-fulfilling prophesy; 2. virtual watering hole for those crazy enough to make d-words. SEE: The D-Word,




Hey, #Doclifers! By now, you have probably heard the news that we are partners with The D-Word! If you are not already a member of this important online documentary community and resource, allow us to introduce you to them!



The D-Word began in 1996 as a series of online journal entries by filmmaker Doug Block depicting the joy and angst of making and selling his feature documentary, Home Page. In the words of Mr. Block, “it was meant to inform, inspire, humor and depress the hell out of working or aspiring documentary filmmakers, or anyone else interested in the filmmaking process, for that matter!”

We had Doug on the show way back in EPISODE #105, where he discussed those early days working as an independent documentary filmmaker. And how this would lead him to creating the first incarnation of The D-Word.

The D-Word has long-since evolved into a virtual community and is now the largest, longest-running one of its kind, currently numbering more than 19,000 members from 147 countries. 

Its focus is now on hosting free discussions on documentary film and production and leading a documentary life. Sound familiar?



The D-Word offers general and mentoring topics for documentary enthusiasts, and a host of topics only for working documentary professionals covering all aspects of the process including fundraising, production, camera, sound, distribution, legal and many more.

It’s also a place to make friends and vent about what can be a difficult and frustrating process. Although The D-Word is an online community, the relationships formed there carry into the offline world, including formal get-togethers and events, as well as the opportunity to create relationships at events in your home town. A number of successful professional relationships have started on The D-Word, allowing filmmakers to connect with like-minded peers to collaborate on their projects.


“The D-Word has such a large dedicated base of professionals in documentary and inhabits a critical space in the documentary community. To be able to broaden the reach of our podcast and to facilitate in-depth discussions on one of D-Word’s Topic Forums is not only a win-win for both parties, but really, for the documentary community as a whole.”

          Chris G. Parkhurst, documentary filmmaker & host of TDL


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