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43 – What Do You Want, #DocLifer? + Conversation with The Multimedia Ninja, Bradford Rogers

For today’s episode of TDL I’m going to do something a little different. Today, I’m going to be asking you, my fellow #doclifer, some questions. I’d like to discover a little bit more about who you are, friend. ° What sorts of things are you doing to best support your #doclife? ° Are you working…

11 – Desktop Documentaries with Filmmaker Faith Fuller

On this International Podcast Day (yes, there is such a thing!), it’s only appropriate to bring you another installment to our monthly conversations with documentary industry people.  This time out, I spoke with documentary filmmaker (Briars in the Cotton Patch) and founder of Desktop Documentaries, Faith Fuller.   I’ve been following the Desktop Documentary website for a…

4 – Score For Your Doc


In episode four, we introduce a new segment to the show: #DocLifer emails! As part of the segment, we address some of TDL’s first-ever emails, including an email that references Episode 3 guest, John Pirozzi. The #DocLifer describes his own challenges with the length of time it sometimes takes to finish one’s project.   We…