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5 Ways to Be More Connected as a Doc Filmmaker

As an individual documentary filmmaker, it is important to feel connected to a documentary filmmaking community. Feeling connected to a group of individuals who all are actively living the same passion – in this case documentary filmmaking – if nothing else, allows you to feel a little less crazy to be pursuing this documentary filmmaking…

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5 Reasons to Make Your Documentary Film

“People who are called to Documentary take heart. Take it seriously, because few are called and it’s not very sustainable to most… (for) those who are called, it’s an important journey and it’s an important thing to do with ones life” –  Filmmaker, Ian McCluskey   Perhaps you are thinking of making a documentary film,…

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5 Ways (or Devices) to Tell Someone’s Story

What I am about to give to you should not be considered a list of the different types of stories that we tell in documentary. These are not the various storytelling techniques that we employ as documentary filmmakers, like personal docs, re-creations, or observational. Instead, this is merely 5 tips or suggestions for telling someone…

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Essential Travel Doc Filmmaking Gear List

In podcast episode #102, I discussed best practices for packing for two entirely different shoots: an annual corporate video gig and our current doc project, Elvis of Cambodia. In the episode, I mentioned a few of my critical pieces of travel and film gear.  And so I want to share those items with you here –…

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5 Tips for Shooting 360 Documentary

We’ve all seen it. You’re scrolling through facebook, and a video catches your eye. You click to make it full screen and suddenly your phone becomes the camera. You move your phone to the left, the video on the screen pans with it. You sit down in a swivel-chair so you can spin around and…

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