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We have curated content on documentary filmmaking topics ranging from development to distribution (and beyond!).

Scroll down the page and discover how to move your project forward, no matter what stage in the process you may be.

Research and Development

Setting A Foundation For Your Film



Your Documentary Film Proposal

We believe if you think of filmmaking as your business (even if making money isn't your primary goal) you'll be more successful. And what business doesn't have a business plan?

Podcast Episodes:

•  How To Write Your Documentary Film Grant Proposal w/ Joanna Rabiger


Blog Articles:

•  What Is The Docmentary Core Application (coming soon)

Film Funding

Funding Gurus

Two titans of fundraising insight Morrie Warshawski (Shaking the Money Tree) and Carole Lee Dean (The Art of Film Funding).



One of the best and most lucrative ways to find your documentary film. Have you considered running a campaign?


Fiscal Sponsor

If you'd like to make the option of a tax-deductible donation available to your donors then you'll want to check this out.


Podcast Episodes:

•  5 Things To Look For In A Fiscal Sponsor

Other Film Funding




Mobile Phone Filmmaking

iPhone filmmaking is something that we're hearing more and more about these days. Could it be an option for your film?



Solo Filmmaking

For numerous reasons you may decide to make your documentary film alone. Here are some tips on how to do just that.



Post Production


Will you edit your own film or hire someone to do it for you? Either way, knowledge is power.



Promotions and Marketing

Connecting With Your Audience

Your audience building and engagement starts now! Wherever you are in the filmmaking process you need to be connecting with your people.



Hybrid Distribution

We independent documentary filmmakers are being more and more empowered and relying less and less on outdated forms of distribution.


Opening Up The Possibilites

We love a healthy dose of inspiration and that is exactly what we got when we spoke to these awesome humans/filmmakers.

Full-Time Doc Filmmaker

Hear from those who make their living from making documentary films.