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"The Documentary Life is one of my favorite podcasts and is an invaluable resource for beginning filmmakers and veterans alike. Making docs can be a long and sometimes lonely road, and this show fosters community, offers practical advice, and provides major inspiration. There’s nothing else like it out there!"

Jeffrey Schwarz, Emmy Award-winning Doc Filmmaker

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5 Tips for Shooting 360 Documentary

By Josh Davidsburg | Dec 3, 2018

We’ve all seen it. You’re scrolling through facebook, and a video catches your eye. You click to make it full screen and suddenly your phone becomes the camera. You move your phone to the left, the video on the screen pans with it. You sit down in a swivel-chair so you can spin around and…

Top 5 Ways to One-Man Band Your Doc Series

By Doug Fraser | Nov 22, 2018

Looking to be a one-man (or woman) band for your documentary series? Congratulations! Welcome to the wild and wonderful world of uncertainty. Fret not, here are five ways to turn your one-man band into a well-oiled doc filmmaking machine.   Do Your Homework A cornerstone of the fun of documentary filmmaking is the unknown. Don’t…

Top 5 Ways to Make a Mobile News Story

By Anna Brees | Oct 20, 2018

Where Are You Placing Your Video? Is it a new audience?  If so, you have just four seconds to impress before the viewer’s eyes scoot off elsewhere! You may have noticed a lot of advertisers now on online news platforms use the five second rule. They don’t expect people to watch an advert longer than…

5 Tips for Getting the Best Sound for Your Documentary

By Chris G Parkhurst | Oct 1, 2018

I first got my start in documentary back in 2003. It was in the country of Cambodia – a country I knew very little about. I had been hired on as the sound person – a craft that I also knew little about.  But over the course of the next six months of this trial by fire…

5 Reasons to Make an iPhone Documentary

By Chris G Parkhurst | Jul 16, 2018

More and more documentary filmmakers are joining the growing ranks of mobile filmmakers and picking up their iPhones to shoot their next doc. Back in December, we first began talking about this seriously, when we spoke with filmmaker Jack Ballo, who was over the moon about making an iPhone documentary. And since then, we’ve run…

5 Editing Tips for a More Efficient Edit

By Chris G Parkhurst | Jul 12, 2018

The first feature doc that I was ever hired to cut was a film called Bombhunters.  This film consisted of six months of constant filming, over 130 hours of footage, and a three-ring binder with about 300 pages of translation and transcription of all of the footage. It was a beast and one helluva way to cut…

"Chris and Stephanie have created something that will continue to inspire and educate for years to come. I look forward to making the most of this wonderful resource as I continue to grow as a storyteller"

Nic McNaughton, Doc Filmmaker


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