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Going Solo With Your Documentary Filmmaking

Making a documentary film solo can feel like a daunting prospect, however, it needn’t be that way. In this workshop you will learn tips, tricks and techniques which will empower you to make your documentary film your way.

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The Business of Documentary Filmmaking

As a 21st century documentary filmmaker you are more empowered than ever before to shape your documentary filmmaking career, life and business on your own terms. In this workshop you will discover how you have the power, control and the ability to: • Raise significant money for your film projects • Build an eager and…

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How to Increase Your Filmmaking Creativity

Creativity is not something that occurs in a filmmaker’s mind all the time. Sometimes, it needs ignition and inspiration to get the creative juices flowing. There are days when creativity just overflows while there are days that a filmmaker can’t seem to think of any ideas for a documentary. Here are some simple, yet effective,…

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