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The D-Word

    d-word \ ‘ d-word \ n: 1. industry euphemism for documentary (as in: “We love your film but we don’t know how to sell it. It’s a d-word.”). SEE: catch 22, self-fulfilling prophesy; 2. virtual watering hole for those crazy enough to make d-words. SEE: The D-Word,       Hey, #Doclifers! By now,…

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126 – Finding Yingying with Jiayan Shi

When it comes to being affected by the coronavirus, we doc filmmakers, of course, are no exception. Whether we work in tv broadcasting, run video productions, or are freelancers, we are all feeling the impact of the massive shutdowns happening due to Covid-19. So in today’s episode I’d like to offer up some ways in…

124 – Documentary Film Promotions & Marketing with Jon Reiss

The playing field for distribution, promotions, and marketing for independent documentary filmmakers seems to be changing daily. But one thing that remains, is Jon Reiss, the veritable guru on all things film distro, promotions, and marketing. And for this week’s episode he weighs in on this latest, including how social media marketing and ad placements…

Documentary Filmmaker’s Crowdfunding 101


Need an infusion of cash for your documentary film? Then consider running a crowdfunding campaign.

Our direct experience and expertise in running multiple, successful, crowdfunding campaigns has allowed us to develop a tried and true process and strategy that we’ll be sharing with you in this workshop. You too can run a successful campaign, fund your documentary, develop your distribution and outreach channels and build an eager audience for your films for years to come.

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5 Tips for Making the Personal Documentary

Often times as documentary filmmakers, we will choose topics that are near and dear to our hearts, we have quite personal connections to these topics.  So it’s only natural we choose to be a central part of our films and make what is known as the ‘personal documentary’. While some of the more powerful stories in…

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