Workflow Tips for Your First Documentary + Conversation with Doc Filmmaker, Brian Kimmel

Over the past few months I’ve received a number of requests for a show dedicated to how one goes about making their first documentary film. And the truth is, I could probably spend the next year dedicated to this particular topic. The world of documentary filmmaking has simply exploded over the past decade. There are newbies joining the ranks of the #doclifers every day!


So while this episode doesn’t come close to covering the wide spectrum of topics that would be involved in, say, a yearly podcast on how to make your first documentary film, today’s episode can certainly be considered a bit of a primer. So in the opening segment to today’s episode we’ll take a look at the process of a first-time documentary filmmaker, through my experiences working on my first doc.


Podcast Conversation

After that, we’ll have a conversation with documentary and commercial filmmaker, Brian Kimmel, a filmmaker whom I’ve had the pleasure of working with on documentary jobs overseas.


Brian’s conversation will go hand-in-hand with the opening segment, as among other things, he talks about how documentary filmmaking goes hand-in-hand with his commercial endeavours, how his decision early on to get into documentary filmmaking shaped his storytelling abilities later on, how working early-on in reality tv honed his documentary skills, and how he went about getting his first client (Sustainable Harvest), which would enable him to break away from the freelancing and begin his own production company, Optic Nerve Productions.


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