97 – Understanding Doc Society with Maxyne Franklin

Doc Society (formerly BritDoc) is a non-profit that has been working directly with documentary filmmakers since its inception in 2005, to make the most impact in the world with their art. Whether with their flagship program, Good Pitch, their Impact Award, the Impact Field Guide, or the number of grants that they offer, Doc Society has truly become a critical part of the doc community over the past decade.


And I was fortunate enough to sit down with co-founder, Maxyne Franklin, to have an open & frank discussion about the general state of documentary as well as how Doc Society fits into the whole doc landscape, as well as how you, #doclifer, can best take advantage of their programs & services.


Topics Discussed

  • how a group of Channel 4 editors broke away to form BritDoc, which would eventually become Doc Society
  • how its flagship program, Good Pitch, has brought together organizations & individuals who can directly impact doc filmmaker’s projects
  • what Doc Society is doing to become more accessible to filmmakers globally
  • the Impact Field Guide & Toolkit and why every doc filmmaker should have this free resource
  • other grants & funds that Doc Society is producing to directly help the doc filmmaker


Related Sources

Launched in 2014, the Impact Field Guide & Toolkit is a free online resource designed to help anyone working with film make an even greater impact. Go to the download HERE.


Good Pitch brings together documentary filmmakers with foundations, NGOs, campaigners, philanthropists, policymakers, brands and media around leading social and environmental issues — to forge coalitions and campaigns that are good for all these partners, good for the films and good for society.


Want to be part of a doc filmmaking community? Consider the TDL Community facebook Group page! It’s free and a wonderful group of like-minded individuals working on their passion of doc filmmaking.


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Host and TDL Founder, Chris G Parkhurst

Chris is a documentary filmmaker and the founder and host of The Documentary Life, a platform which aims to inform and inspire documentary filmmakers from around the globe.

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