85 – Talking Directing and Development with Three Identical Strangers director, Tim Wardle

One of the biggest documentary hits of the summer has been Tim Wardles’ Three Identical Strangers, a film that follows the incredible true story of triplets who learned of one another’s existence only at age 19, their initial joy giving way to increasingly unsettling discoveries. But before becoming the director or a massive documentary hit, Wardle spend many years as head of development for RAW TV in the UK, a position that he believes is vastly underrated and, in fact, is one that documentary filmmakers should more seriously consider.


I loved that revealing conversation for its discussion on the documentary industry and his amazing documentary.


Topics Discussed

  • how working years as head of development for RAW TV enabled Tim to stay inspired and connected to documentary
  • why you, #doclifer, might consider making a career out of development
  • why documentary people are some of the most interesting, inspiring people you can surround yourselves with
  • how a filmmaker needs to be willing to walk away from their doc project if it’s not working
  • his strategies for approaching and then conducting interviews with the key people of Three Identical Strangers
  • the challenges with producing Three Identical Strangers, a US-based film, from a UK-based company


Film Trailer

° Watch the trailer for Three Identical Strangers


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Host and TDL Founder, Chris G Parkhurst

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