70 – Crowdfunding for Your Documentary with Seed & Spark’s, Emily Best

Crowdfunding, nowadays, is one of the most common funding options out there for the documentary filmmaker. However, the crowdfunding playing field has evolved considerably since the early days of Kickstarter and Indiegogo. Take for instance, Seed & Spark.


A multitude of crowdfunding platforms now do different things, depending on your needs.  And while the list of a doc filmmaker’s needs seems never-ending, it’s things like building an audience for your film, increasing your social media followers, and distribution options for your film, that are right at the top of any doc filmmaker’s list.


Which is what makes a crowdfunding platform like Seed & Spark such an attractive option. It has all of those things and more. It has been developed by industry leaders and is specifically geared to the independent filmmaker. And for today’s episode, we’ve brought on Seed & Spark founder and CEO, Emily Best, to talk about it.


Topics Discussed

  • how & why Seed & Spark was created to put the independent back in independent filmmaking
  • how a platform like Seed & Spark runs a unique educational program to ensure success before you run a campaign through their platform
  • how Seed & Spark rewards are all about gaining followers for your crowdfund
  • Seed & Spark has an astonishing 80+ percent success rate with their crowdfund campaigns
  • Seed & Spark has distro platform that pays the highest royalty rate of any digital distribution platform


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