5 Ways to Nurture Your Doc Life + Conversation with Doc Filmmaker, Rebecca Dreyfus

5 Ways to Nurture Your Doc Life

There are many ways that we documentary filmmakers take care of ourselves, or perhaps maybe more aptly put, do not take care of ourselves. And with the long hours, sometimes limited budgets, sometimes other day jobs, family life, you name it.. it’s no wonder that we doc lifers sometimes tend to neglect our emotional and physical well being.


Which is why I’m here to give you a little primer to help steer you back to the path of emotional, physical, and creative success in your own doc life.


Podcast Conversation

Documentary filmmaker (and big proponent of meditation!), Rebecca Dreyfus joined me in our shared Conversation. Dreyfus has been working in documentary for 20 years, since her first feature, Bye-Bye Babushka first came on the scene and was quickly noticed by documentary legend, Albert Maysles, who would then go on to be lead camera in Dreyfus’ critically-acclaimed follow-up, Stolen.  A mentorship would soon blossom from this collaboration.


Dreyfus’ current documentary film, On Meditation, takes a look at the age-old practice of meditation as told through the eyes of established names who attribute the practice to much of their personal and professional success.


Topics Discussed

  • the value of true persistence as a documentary filmmaker
  • the importance of a mentor and how to go about finding one
  • key advice for first-time documentary filmmakers
  • what part the practice of meditation plays in the creative process


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