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5 Tips for Producing Your Docuseries

Producing your docuseries is a challenging but rewarding endeavor. It’s a journey that not all filmmakers want to take but it’s a great way to expand your documentary idea into long-form. Here are some tips on how to produce your own docuseries. Enjoy the ride!   5 Tips for Producing Your Docuseries   1. Killer…

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How to Increase Your Filmmaking Creativity

Creativity is not something that occurs in a filmmaker’s mind all the time. Sometimes, it needs ignition and inspiration to get the creative juices flowing. There are days when creativity just overflows while there are days that a filmmaker can’t seem to think of any ideas for a documentary. Here are some simple, yet effective,…

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#Doclifer Stories – Ron Bourke

#1. – How & why did you first get interested in documentary filmmaking? Although I’ve always been interested in documentary filmmaking, I became serious during my corporate filmmaking days where I would produce and direct short pro bono films for corporate clients featuring humanitarian work they were doing to benefit underserved communities. This included shoots…

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Terms of Use

Terms of Use We do update our terms and conditions from time to time so please do review them regularly.  Effective Date: September 12, 2019   Our Contact Information Legal Entity: Barang Films LLC Address: Barang Films LLC, PO Box 671, Clarkson, NY, 14430 Contact:   This document governs the Terms of Use of…

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Write For Us

Write For Us The Documentary Life invites you to share your filmmaking lessons, resources and experiences with your doc filmmaking community. Whether you’re a newbie documentary filmmaker or doc filmmaker extraordinaire we’d love to invite you to write an article for The Documentary Life blog and share valuable information that you have learned through your…

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