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22nd May 2016

Welcome to The Documentary Life

Hello and Welcome!

I am uber (no, not that Uber) excited to announce today that The Documentary Life has officially become a podcast series!


There are a number of great documentary film websites out there, but most are fairly dry resources, that while helpful, don’t ever really give you a real and practical sense of what it’s like to actually be living and experiencing the life of a documentary filmmaker. Well, The Documentary Life podcast is an answer to that.


The description as found on the iTunes listing of The Documentary Life:

'Join award-winning commercial and documentary filmmaker, Chris G. Parkhurst, as he candidly shares his filmmaking stories, insights, and experiences, for all to learn how to best lead and live their own documentary dream lives.'

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Yep, yours truly will host this bi-weekly program that will, at least initially, consist of two types of episodes. One type will be myself sharing some of my stories and experiences, successes and failures, in an attempt to give you some true and real first-hand personal accounts from someone who truly lives (and loves!) his dreams of documentary filmmaking.


The second type of episode will feature discussions with special industry guests. Already we’ve begun to assemble a veritable all-star list of Documentary Lifers, including John Pirozzi (dir. Don’t Think I’ve Forgotten, Sleepwalking Through the Mekong), Lydia B. Smith (Walking the Camino: Six Ways to Santiago), Scott Squire (Drawing the Tiger), and Ian McCluskey (founder & artistic director, NW Documentary), just to name a few.


It is my every intention and desire to create thought-provoking, sometimes hilarious, sometimes emotional, content that will inspire and educate people the world over so that they too may begin, and then soon thrive, by living a documentary life.


New Release

The Documentary Life podcast has its official release on July 15, 2016, but as a sort of introduction to the whole thing, I’m releasing the first official episode a bit early. In it I introduce myself, introduce the podcast series, and tell you what you can look forward to as The Documentary Life series grows and grows. So let this whet your appetite.


And if you like the show, please leave me a comment, or email me at Chris@BarangFilms.com (And if you don’t like, please tell me why, because that can actually be super helpful!) And if you really like, I’d be honoured if you’d share this with a friend. In advance, thank you!


Okay, without further ado, herein begins the exciting journey of The Documentary Life podcast!



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The Documentary Life
Documentary filmmaker & host, Chris G. Parkhurst, inspires & informs you on how to best live and lead your own doc life.
Have a passion for making documentary films? Want to learn how to best lead a documentary life? Join award-winning commercial and documentary filmmaker, Chris G. Parkhurst, and special industry guests as they candidly share their filmmaking stories, insights, and experiences, for all to learn how to best lead and live their own documentary dream lives.

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