Episode 19

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3rd Feb 2017

Achieving Balance in Your Documentary Life

Work-life balance? Sure, you’ve probably heard of this. Whether in books, seminars, tv, or radio, we’re always hearing about the necessity of some sort of balance in our daily lives and the various ways in which we might better achieve this. But what about us creatives, specifically us documentary filmmakers, who more realistically have a Work-Life-Doclife to balance?


Well, I’ve got some ideas that I can throw your way. These are practices I have developed over time, and I’m hoping can help you. Because if you’re anything like me, you’ve probably dealt with an ever-increasing need to find some sort of balance in your life, lest you want to get sick, injured, or just plain lose your mind.


After listening to the show, please share in the comment section below some tips that you’ve come up to help yourself achieve a better balance in your #Doclife.


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In this episode I mention upcoming doc industry guest, Justin Schein, the filmmaker behind the February release Left on Purpose. You can view the trailer here:




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