Episode 111

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8th Aug 2019

The Doc Filmmaker’s Money Mindset & Blue Collar Filmmaking

So many of us doc filmmakers think that we’ll never make any money from our films. Or that we’re incapable of raising money for them. And that’s wrong. There is actually no reason that any of us should assume that those statements are true. This is all about our money mindset!

You see, a lot of us aren’t really wired to believe any other way. Or we’ve had an awkward – if not downright detrimental – relationship with money that most likely goes back from when we were quite young, when maybe our parents or peers were (perhaps quite unknowingly!) putting negative connotations on money. Our money mindset was developed at an early age.

It is my belief and experience that we can and should develop and re-shape our money mindset, so that we may raise the required funding for our films, and in fact, make some money from our films. Or at the very least, be paid for the hard work that we put into them!

This is followed by our conversation with true blue (collar) doc filmmaker, V. Scott Balcerek. Someone who quite literally put his money where his mouth was. And he spent over twenty years of his life doing it, with the astounding release, Satan & Adam.


Topics Discussed

  • why and how as doc filmmakers we need to form better money mindsets
  • understanding what your inner dialogue is telling you about money and making films
  • V. Scott Balcerek shares tips on how he stayed in the game on his doc for over 20+ years
  • how Balcerek rolled the dice on this film one last time when it seemed all might be lost with his main character and his story
  • how coming from a blue collar upbringing shaped his desires and perseverance to see a film like Satan & Adam through


Additional Resources

Trailer for V. Scott Balcerek’s directorial debut, Satan & Adam


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