Watch BlackBox.Global’s CEO/Founder Pat McGowan Discuss Stock Footage Best Practices



No Clients. No Bosses. No Limits.


There’s never been a better time to utilize forward-thinking and

progressive revenue streams than now.


 We filmmakers are moving into the realm of self entrepreneurship and the

freedom to live our #DocLives on our own terms.



With the help of BlackBox Global you are empowered to:


+ Make Passive Income

+ Connect your Footage with Global Markets

+ Manage the Business of Collaboration

+ Share Ownership of the Content you Create

+ Create the Content you want to Make





You have everything you need to start generating passive income today:


1. Old hard drives with footage

2. A camera to shoot new footage

3. A computer to edit the footage



BlackBox Global offers a safe and secure platform that facilitates all the business aspects of selling and distributing your content.


Right now is the best time to get started making great content as a BlackBox member and set yourself free!



Go to BlackBox, Create a free account, and Start Selling your Footage Today!




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