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Posts by Chris G Parkhurst

How to Increase Your Filmmaking Creativity

Creativity is not something that occurs in a filmmaker’s mind all the time. Sometimes, it needs ignition and inspiration to get the creative juices flowing. There are days when creativity just overflows while there are days that a filmmaker can’t seem to think of any ideas for a documentary. Here are some simple, yet effective,…

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5 Ways to Nurture Your Doc Life

Many of us documentary filmmakers have day jobs, families, and then our creative endeavors on top of all that. There often seems to be little time for other pursuits, let alone ones that might at first glance, seem to be a bit selfish. I get it. We have a 3.5 and a 5.5 year old.…

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5 Ways to Be More Connected as a Doc Filmmaker

As an individual documentary filmmaker, it is important to feel connected to a documentary filmmaking community. Feeling connected to a group of individuals who all are actively living the same passion – in this case documentary filmmaking – if nothing else, allows you to feel a little less crazy to be pursuing this documentary filmmaking…

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How To Be A More Effective Editor

Sifting through over 130 hours of footage on the first feature documentary I’d ever edited was not a joke. That was a lot of footage for anyone to have to go through, let alone for a first time editor. So as you might imagine, I did some things that I would definitely do differently on future…

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