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A place to find inspiration and advice based on real-life filmmaking experiences and the tools, resources, templates, courses and community beneficial to documentary filmmakers making their best films and leading fulfilled documentary lives.



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About Us

We're Chris and Stephanie Parkhurst, documentary filmmakers and founders of The Documentary Life. We have taken our background of over 25 years in the commercial, narrative feature film and documentary worlds, our experiences living and working throughout the world in the USA, Europe, Asia and Australia and our lifestyle which involves juggling finances - personal and film, raising children and being conscious consumers and combined that with our drive to help and support other filmmakers to make their best documentary film's.

All of this led us to create, and champion, the concept of leading The Documentary Life.

TDL Mission

It is our mission to provide documentary filmmakers with a place to call home on the web. A place where they can find the tools, resources, information and support that they need to make their best documentary films.

And in addition, support and educate on some fundamental aspects of their lifestyle - financial, emotional, spiritual, creative and day-to-day living.

The successful combination of a sustainable, fulfilling documentary filmmaking career supported by a vibrant and healthy personal lifestyle is the essence of leading The Documentary Life.

"What you’re doing with The Documentary Life is an area that needs to be touched upon. Being a filmmaker is not separate from being a human being in incorporating your whole life in an expression through documentaries. I applaud you with what you have put together because it’s vitally important!"

Michael Wiese, Doc Filmmaker and Author


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