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136 – Documentary Filmmaking During a Pandemic

Documentary filmmaking during this time of a pandemic is something that so many of us doc filmmakers are contemplating. Or doing. Or not doing. Today’s episode is filled with both a discussion on the ethics of documentary production during this time as well as best practices & safety protocol for those of us who are…

135 – Race in the Documentary Filmmaking Community

  Questions of race and who has the right to tell another person’s or culture’s or race’s stories have recently been at the forefront of the documentary community’s collective consciousness. More than that, it’s been the subject of recent debate and discussion, whether in industry-led panels, major publications, or social media. Documentary filmmaker and TDL…

Spirituality in Documentary Filmmaking with Mickey Lemle

Mickey Lemle has made documentary films about some of the most brilliant individuals in the modern world. From His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama to Ram Dass to Sir Laurens van der Post, Lemle has been rubbing shoulders with great minds who all have very spiritual & compassionate ways of living. Lemle has had the…

Doc Filmmaking in the Mountains with Eric Becker

Eric Becker has been taking on extreme challenges since he can remember. If it’s not racing bikes it’s climbing mountains. If it’s not climbing mountains, it’s making doc films about people climbing mountains. Tune into this week’s episode where we celebrate International Everest Day by welcoming doc filmmaker and mountaineer, Eric Becker on to TDL!…

Going Solo With Your Documentary Filmmaking


Making your documentary on your own? Well, you are not alone in going it alone.

Solo filmmaking is more popular and accessible than ever before and we’re going to share with you the techniques and strategy that will enable you to be the most productive, creative and effective solo filmmaker you can be, so you’re ready and prepared to make your best documentary film yet.

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