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Crowdfunding For Your Documentary Film

Need a quick infusion of cash for your documentary film?

Considering running a crowdfunding campaign!

Our direct experience & expertise in running multiple successful campaigns will guide you through your successful campaign, funding for your documentary, and an eager audience for your films for years to come.

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5 Ways to Be More Connected as a Doc Filmmaker

As an individual documentary filmmaker, it is important to feel connected to a documentary filmmaking community. Feeling connected to a group of individuals who all are actively living the same passion – in this case documentary filmmaking – if nothing else, allows you to feel a little less crazy to be pursuing this documentary filmmaking…

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Top Resources For Documentary Filmmakers We’re often asked for recommendations, so we’ve curated a list of resources that we use, or have used, as we have evolved as documentary filmmakers. Use them to support your own doc filmmaking experiences and journey!    Note: Some of the links are affiliate links, and at no additional cost to…

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86 – Influential Documentaries to My Doc Life

As a doc filmmaker, how many times have you been asked what your favorite documentary film is? If you’re anything like me, it’s a nearly impossible and futile question to answer. There are just too many incredibly documentaries that have influenced, inspired, and excited me over the years, to have to name a single favorite one of…