99 – Outdoor Adventure Films with Peter Mortimer

Outdoor Adventure Films with Peter Mortimer

Peter Mortimer has been climbing and making outdoor adventure films for the past twenty years through his company, Sender Films.  His company has put out some of the most recognizable outdoor adventure images on the planet, as well as founded The Reel Rock Tour, the biggest and longest-running festival of outdoor adventure films in the world.

Sender has just released their first feature doc, The Dawn Wall, the story of Tommy Caldwell and his impossible ascent of one of the world’s most difficult rock faces, Yosemite’s Dawn Wall.  Tommy’s journey, coupled with Peter’s own journey from a geology student to running one of the most well known outdoor adventure film production companies made for a wonderful story.  And it has made for an even better episode.  Check it out!


Among topics discussed:

  • how he went from a Geology degree to making some of the world’s most recognizable rock climbing films
  • how filming what he knew of his own interests propelled his films to a dedicated niche audience
  • how creating the Reel Rock Film Festival essentially became the jumping off point for distribution of his films
  • how Sender Films went on to produce the documentary about one of the most historic climbs and climbers in history
  • the technical aspects involved with filming a climb like The Dawn Wall


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There are some outstanding examples of how Sender Films has made a living doing outdoor adventure films in this series, A Line Across the Sky.  Incredible footage with some behind-the-scenes moments that any #doclifer interested in shooting outdoor sports will appreciate! Below is a trailer.  Click HERE to watch the full film.







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