47 – 5 Best Ways to Market and Distribute Your Documentary + Conversation with Doc Filmmaker, Nathan Fitch

5 Best Ways to Market and Distribute Your Documentary

After all of the time, energy, and money spent getting one’s documentary film to completion, how does an independent documentary filmmaker market and distribute their doc once it’s finished?  In this week’s opening segment we’ll discuss 5 best ways to market and distribute your documentary.


Podcast Conversation

And in our shared conversation with a doc industry guest, we talk with Brooklyn Filmmakers Collective alum, Nathan Fitch, whose documentary, Island Soldier, is making big waves on the documentary film circuit, including stops at Full Frame, Hot Docs, and this week, in DocNYC.

Among topics discussed:

  • How a stint in the Peace Corps led to his documentary filmmaking career
  • The importance of becoming entrenched with a community that you’d like to film
  • How one goes about applying to film with the military
  • How the documentary life is not an easy one, but it’s a worthy one


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