76 – Mobile Filmmaking Special, Pt 1 with Anna Brees

June 1, 2018

Mobile Filmmaking Special, Pt 1

To say that phone filmmaking has quickly turned from shooting cute home movies of your kids to full-fledged filmmaking would be an understatement.  And understandably, doc filmmakers, have really been embracing this notion of creating a documentary film from a device that they carry around in their pocket.

And we here at TDL have decided to devote the next two episodes to this revolutionary form of filmmaking by first taking a look at 5 Reasons to Shoot Your Doc With Your Phone.

  • It’s Cheap
  • It’s Small and Unobtrusive
  • They Weigh Next to Nothing
  • 4K Capabilities
  • Multi-Camera Potential


And in this, part one of our special on mobile filmmaking, we’ll speak with former BBC and ITV reporter, Anna Brees, who has fully embraced the notion of shooting and editing news stories with her iPhone.  And through her company, Brees Media, she is now giving workshops around the UK, arming its citizens with the power to tell the news stories that aren’t being told.

Among topics discussed:

  • definition of citizen journalism
  • how documentary has changed the conversation about news & journalism
  • ways in which mobile devices are positively affecting our storytelling
  • how starting out at a small local news station empowered Anna to get out into the world and produce her own news stories


Related Sources

You can check out some of Anna’s early work with the BBC:



Penarth SMTV

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