29 – The World of the Documentary Film Festival, Part Two

June 23, 2017

Richard Wyllie’s 5 Days on Lesvos plays the 2017 Melbourne Documentary Film Festival

Welcome to part two of a very special two-part series that explores the mysterious world of the documentary film festival from the perspective of the filmmaker as well as the director of a film festival.

In part two we examine this topic via conversations with Richard Wyllie, whose film 5 Days on Lesvos not only will play this year’s MDFF, but was nominated for Best Documentary awards at Raindance as well as National Film Awards UK .  And it is through MDFF’s festival director, Lyndon Stone, that we get the often overlooked insight of the people that are behind the selection of films for festivals.

In part one we spoke with with well-known New Zealand doc filmmaker, Costa Botes, whose film Act of Kindness was recently selected as inclusion into the 2017 Melbourne Documentary Film Festival (MDFF).  To go back and listen to that episode, just go here.


Trailer, 5 Days on Lesvos:

We’re now on Youtube!  Check out some clips from our series on the film festival:

From Part One of The Documentary Life special on The Film Festival:

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