24 – Conversation with The Filmmakers Process Founder, Robert Hardy

April 13, 2017

Sherlock Hardy, curator of many a film article for his site, The Filmmaker’s Process.

Many of you are probably familiar with Robert Hardy‘s work for No Film School, where he wrote film content for the popular website.  But it is with his own creation, The Filmmaker’s Process, that Hardy has really come into his own, sharing his own experiences and his creative curation of content – often very well thought-out and lengthy articles – that are specifically directed to the truly independent filmmaker.

The more I became familiar with Hardy’s work – both from his website and his brilliant and thoughtful newsletter – I realised that I needed to have him on the show.  Anyone who knows his writing or how he thinks as a filmmaker, would quickly understand why he’d be a natural fit for TDL.  So after months of trying to schedule an interview, I was finally able to carve out the proper time to have a heart-to-heart with this filmmaking brother-in-arms.  Along with a host of other topics, we covered his definition of success as a filmmaker (which differs vastly from the Sundance template most of us have been misled by for 20+ years!), how his time working in the film industry and then as a writer for No Film School inspired the birth of TFP, and then for the first time, Hardy makes it public his intentions to produce a The Filmmaker’s Process podcast!



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4 comments on “24 – Conversation with The Filmmakers Process Founder, Robert Hardy

  1. Could have listened to another hour of this really inspiring discussion! Thank you both for taking the time to share your experience and ideas.

    • thedocu5 Apr 14, 2017

      Thank you for the kind words, brother Patrick. I do believe that much of what Robert talks and writes about is in direct alignment with the thoughts and filmmaking practices of TDL!

      And I do think that its worth noting that you serve to inspire with your continued fantastic drone footage coming out of SE Asia!!

  2. Oh man, I couldn’t agree more….article starting with “10 best…” or “5 tips…” and similar is like a no go zone for me. It is just too much ow it and information value of those is close to none.

    • thedocu5 Apr 22, 2017

      Hi Richard,

      Thanks for the comment. Yeah, interestingly, a number of my podcasts are of the ‘Top 5’ variety, as you know. I’m really doing this because of the supposed ‘marketing value’ of that kind of title, but I try and be conscious of offering more apprehensive and thoughtful content than the types of articles that you and Robert are talking about.

      Thanks for listening to TDL, man. Where in the world do you find yourself today, good sir?

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