14 – How to Run Your Kickstarter Campaign

November 11, 2016


So you’ve heard about this cool thing called crowdfunding – or Kickstarter or Indiegogo -where people are getting their documentary films financed by people all around the world. who are interested in being a part of their project.  And you’re thinking that you might like to do the same… but you haven’t a clue where to even begin.  Well – surprised, surprise – I’m here to help make your crowdfunding dreams come true!

Having successfully run two Kickstarter campaigns for two different film projects (Journey to Kathmandu, Elvis of Cambodia), I want to offer some valuable advice on how to best run your crowdfunding campaign.  But maybe even more importantly, I wanna tell you about what not to do, so you may avoid some rather tricky pitfalls that, if not aware of beforehand, could seriously jeopardize the success during or after your campaign.  (Can you say ‘hidden costs of a Kickstarter campaign’??)screen-shot-2016-11-10-at-8-56-15-pm

Enjoy the show, and if you dig, please feel free to share with other documentary friends and family!  The more documentary films being made, the better our storytelling world, right?


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Download documentary filmmaker Lindsey Grayzel‘s press release here: press-release_grayzel_footage

Charges dropped, but fight continues! This article contains the most recent news on Grayzel and Davis’ charges.

Watch raw footage (courtesy of Lindsey Grayzel) of climate activist Ken Ward as he shuts down a TransMountain oil pipeline in Burlington, Washington.


If you’re interested in some ideas on how to present your own Kickstarter page, feel free to take a look at our Kickstarter page for Elvis of Cambodia  .

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