13 – Conversation with Filmmaker Brian Jenkins

October 28, 2016

brian-jenkins-answering-the-call-promo-photo Filmmaker, and record label owner, Brian Jenkins reached out to me a little over a month ago.  He was a fan of the show, as well as a contributor to the doc filmmaking online resource Desktop Documentaries.  He wanted to make me aware of the upcoming release of his latest documentary film, Answering the Call, a film that takes a personal look at historical events in Selma, Alabama, that once led to the Voting Rights Act of 1965.  I watched Brian’s film and was enamored with his DIY approach that played so well with the storyline of the film. I thought he’d make a great guest for the show.



In the episode we discuss his roots in Fort Wayne, Indiana, where he was making and producing music for his record label Riot House Records, at a very early age, and how his direct experience – especially in distribution – working in the music industry, allowed him to more easily make the transition to the film (documentary) industry.




We also took a look at his own personal connection and then journey to making his current documentary feature, Answering the Call. Animation as a great means for storytelling, how he has made music a big part of his filmmaking, and, of course, how he lives and leads his own doc life, are just a few more of the topics that are covered in this conversation.



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Wanna listen to some of the great music that was in the show or sample some of the bands (like Empty Mansions, Porcupine, White Mule, Spencer Moody) on Brian’s record label, Riot House Records?


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2 comments on “13 – Conversation with Filmmaker Brian Jenkins

  1. Thanks for having me on Chris! I hope this podcast continues to grow and can serve as a hub and inspiration for others to pick up the camera and tell their story.

    • thedocu5 Oct 28, 2016

      The pleasure was all mine, Brian! What a great way to geek out on music, documentaries, and your film.

      And thanks for the kind words re: TDL. Right now, I’m really digging where it’s going. I’ve been meeting some great people, having/sharing some amazing conversations, and hopefully inspiring a few peeps to do as you say… pick up a camera and start telling their story. 🙂

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