9 – Conversation with Filmmaker Ian McCluskey

September 3, 2016

Ian McCluskey Headshot small It’s episode 9 and I really feel that we’re hitting some sort of proverbial stride with this one. In this latest installment to our monthly conversations with an industry person, I spoke with filmmaker and founder of NW Documentary, Ian McCluskey.  The content and style of conversation, in my opinion, is the closest I’ve come yet to what I’ve been envisioning as the mission of The Documentary Life podcast.  That whole inspirational and educational thing that I’ve been talking about since the inception of this show?  Well, it’s all here, in what is most assuredly my favourite episode to date!


Whether it be through one of his numerous documentary films or through one of his classes at NW Documentary, Ian is most definitely someone who is truly living a documentary life.  In this episode, you’ll hear how Ian started NW Doc from the couch of his college apartment and blossomed it into one of the premiere documentary non-profit organisations of the northwest.  You’ll also hear how and why Ian believes that documentary is a calling, that it’s an important and serious thing to do with one’s life.  And you’ll hear about the beautiful people, music, and inspiration that brought about his latest award-winning documentary film, Voyageurs Without Trace.

Enjoy, everyone.  I can honestly say that this is one of the best episodes so far, in this journey that is… The Documentary Life…

Show Notes

To view a trailer for Voyageurs go here.

Read about some of the brilliant score by The DecemberistsJenny Conlee and listen to to some of the music.

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