4 – Score For Your Doc

July 8, 2016

In episode four, host Chris G. Parkhurst introduces a new segment to the show: listener emails! As part of the segment, he addresses some of TDL’s first-ever emails, including an email that references Episode 3 guest, John Pirozzi talking about the length of his last email. The listener describes his own challenges with the length of time it sometimes takes to finish one’s project.

Our host also answers one emailer’s concerns about Parkhurst doing a show about living a documentary life, even though our host, by his own admission, does not make the majority of his income by doing documentaries.

And finally, the third email segues into the main topic of Episode 4, which is about scoring one’s documentary film. In it, Parkhurst shares how he was able to get band Godspeed You! Black Emperor to agree to supply their music, free-of-charge, to a documentary film, Bombhunters, that he was editing. He also discusses some unique places to get music for one’s film, including from international star, Moby, through his site Mobygratis.com .

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