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May 28, 2016

Came across this today inside the front flap of the photo book, Carry Cambodia, and I wanted to share with all of you.  It’s from fellow Lifer, Jack Metier, who gave me this lovely book after one of our filmmaking excursions to my home away from home, Cambodia.  It brought back some great memories of when the two of us spent time filming there.  (In fact, one of the projects referred to in his writing would become our current documentary project, Elvis of Cambodia, not to mention where I would meet my soon-to-be wife, Stephanie Maria Vincenti!)


Inspiration from a Fellow #Lifer

There is some tremendous insight and love to be found on this page which I think really sheds some light into why we documentary filmmakers do what we do, especially in places like Cambodia.

Thank you thank you for the wisdom and love, Brother Jack.  Let’s do again someday, bong.

Im sure that you can decipher from the photo hear, but nonetheless, the text reads as:

In the past few weeks you have faced two traffic accidents, one fire, sickness, boredom, frustration and an untold number of dangers and roadblocks.  You weathered all these hazards to help me tell the story of Cambodian transportation. Along the way we met some amazing people who I hope will inspire us both in the future.  Ryne for his enthusiasm, John for his loyalty, and Mohm for her love and determination.
With your help, I hope to share their stories with the world.
Thank you for bringing me out here two years ago.  Thank you again for being my partner again this year.  No matter what comes of our films, this trip has been a success.  We have learned, shared and persevered.
– Jack


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