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Latest Podcast Episodes

126 – Finding Yingying with Jiayan Shi

By Chris G Parkhurst | 03/20/2020

125 – Fire in Paradise with Drea Cooper

By Chris G Parkhurst | 03/06/2020

124 – Documentary Film Promotions & Marketing with Jon Reiss

By Chris G Parkhurst | 02/21/2020

123 – First Time Doc Filmmaker Wins the Stanley Cup, with Joshua Riehl

By Chris G Parkhurst | 02/07/2020

122 – Film Travel Tips and Gear Insurance

By Chris G Parkhurst | 01/24/2020

121 – Your Breakthrough Year and #Doclifer, Josh Davidsburg

By Chris G Parkhurst | 01/10/2020

Season Two TDL BONUS!

By Chris G Parkhurst | 12/27/2019

120 – Documenting Your Family with Irene Taylor Brodsky

By Chris G Parkhurst | 12/13/2019

119 – Editing For Documentary Filmmakers with Paddy Bird

By Chris G Parkhurst | 11/29/2019

118 – Filming Behind Bars with Lynn Novick and Sarah Botstein

By Chris G Parkhurst | 11/14/2019

117 – How to Raise $8k Quickly and Bring Scriptwriting Principles to Your Documentary Film

By Chris G Parkhurst | 11/01/2019

116 – Sculpture, Breast Cancer, and Documentary Film with Prune Nourry

By Chris G Parkhurst | 10/18/2019

115 – Email Marketing for the Documentary Filmmaker

By Chris G Parkhurst | 10/03/2019

114 – Documentary Filmmaking Abroad with Edward Watts & Waad Al-Kateab

By Chris G Parkhurst | 09/19/2019

113 – The Fundraising Houseparty For the Documentary Filmmaker

By Anna Brees | 09/05/2019

113 – The Fundraising Houseparty For the Documentary Filmmaker

By Chris G Parkhurst | 09/05/2019

112 – Lean Team Documentary Filmmaking with Rustin Thompson

By Chris G Parkhurst | 08/22/2019

111 – The Doc Filmmaker’s Money Mindset & Blue Collar Filmmaking

By Chris G Parkhurst | 08/08/2019

110 – Melbourne Documentary and Chasing the Jet Stream

By Chris G Parkhurst | 07/25/2019

109 – Make Great Documentaries From Where You Are with Billy Corben

By Chris G Parkhurst | 07/12/2019

Latest Blog Articles

How We’re Showing Up For Our Community in 2020

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Margaret Mead Film Festival

By Stephanie Vincenti | 10/14/2019

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5 Ways to Nurture Your Doc Life

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By Chris G Parkhurst | 10/03/2019

#Doclifer Stories – Ron Bourke

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New Haven Documentary Film Festival

By Stephanie Vincenti | 09/29/2019

5 Top Doc Filmmaking Marketing and Distribution Recommendations

By Chris G Parkhurst | 09/24/2019

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Chagrin Documentary Film Festival

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5 Ways to Shoot Verite

By Chris G Parkhurst | 09/10/2019

Hi there! We're Chris and Stephanie.


We have taken our background of over 25 years in the commercial, narrative feature film and documentary worlds, our experiences living and working throughout the world in the USA, Europe, Asia and Australia and our lifestyle which involves juggling finances - personal and film, raising children and being conscious consumers and combined that with our drive to help and support other filmmakers to make their best documentary film's.

All of this led us to create, and champion, the concept of leading The Documentary Life and helping others to lead theirs.