Preeti Mankar Deb, of Micro Documentaries

56 – How to Shoot a MicroDoc with Preeti Mankar Deb

January 12, 2018

The short form documentary aka micro documentary has been one of the emerging forms of filmmaking over the past decade.  The demand and acceptance for this type of content has been so great that even major commercial brands are now hiring doc filmmakers to produce micro docs to be used on social media and Youtube channels.

Doc filmmakers are out there each and every day – often times armed with nothing more than their iPhone and a unique idea – and they’re telling stories that are a little easier on the budget and time commitment, and are easily disseminated to the world via the internet.

Preeti Mankar Deb works for Micro-Documentaries, one of the pre-eminent companies that have been at the forefront of the non fiction short form genre for a while now.  Preeti has a great story to tell about her humble beginnings as a journalist in her home country in India, and how this led her to discover a passion a bit more fulfilling to her: documentary film.

Among topics discussed:

  • popularity in the short form doc genre
  • advantages as well as challenges with making micro docs
  • where one can get funding for their micro doc
  • how a company like Micro-Documentaries can inform us to make our own better micro docs
Additional Notes

Definitely check out this brilliant article on the popularity of micro documentary filmmaking.  Great tips for making your own micro doc as well as a great explanation of how people are now consuming content online:

Don’t Blink: A New Age of Micro-Documentary Filmmaking is Dawning

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