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43 – What Do You Want, #DocLifer? + Conversation with The Multimedia Ninja, Bradford Rogers

October 6, 2017

For today’s episode of TDL I’m going to do something a little different. Today, I’m going to be asking you, my fellow #doclifer, some questions. I’d like to discover a little bit more about who you are, friend. What sorts of things are you doing to best support your #doclife? Are you working in the film/tv industry, while you pursue your passion of documentary filmmaking? Perhaps you’re quite consciously doing something entirely unrelated to video production, in an effort to make sure and never view filmmaking as work. Let’s discuss this, shall we?

Bradford Rogers aka The Multimedia Ninja, at the helm of Jacie Sails


And in our shared conversation with a doc industry guest person, we talk with the multi-talented Bradford Rogers, aka The Multimedia Ninja, among other things, about:



  • what it means to be a multimedia person
  • how/why storytelling plays a part in all of a multimedia person’s mediums
  • how the freelance filmmaker can obtain more work via Upwork.com
  • how podcasting is another way that a filmmaker can tell story



In the #DocLifer Community Question of the Week, I mentioned fellow #doclifer Jonathan, who wrote in, setting me square on my assumption that basically all tv news B-roll was not very good. Jonathan was not only kind enough to correct me, but he also sent in some links for all of us to take a look at. These are pieces of work that emanated from the television news station that he works at. Thanks for passing these on to us, Jonathan!!

A man made his own Ninja Warrior course to practice for the show:


A well-loved local fire chief. He supported a baseball program. This was the first game since he passed:


Check out some episodes of The Multimedia Ninja’s podcast. I might recommend listening to his newer style format – hinted at in this episode – which started out during Hurricane Irma.

Damn You, Irma!


Check out Upwork.com to discover some ways in which you, #doclifer, might be able to put some of your filmmaking experience to good use!


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2 comments on “43 – What Do You Want, #DocLifer? + Conversation with The Multimedia Ninja, Bradford Rogers

  1. Chris, I had such a blast! Sorry to send you off to Amsterdam—but at least you can look at some more boats! Great show as always, and thanks for keeping me coherent-sounding. 🙂

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