CEO & founder of Blackbox, Pat McGowan, is passionate about filming polar bears.

42 – How Our Docs Can Make the World a Better Place + BlackBox founder, filmmaker, Pat McGowan

September 29, 2017

Pat McGowan, CEO & founder of BlackBox with his baby, Arri.

In this increasingly growing world of content creators, but ever shrinking world of actual distributors who allow you to retain at least some rights to your work, how can the independent documentary filmmaker best work with the big boys of content distribution like Amazon, Netflix, and YouTube?  Well, film/tv industry vet, Patrick McGowan, believes that he has an answer.  And it is his company, BlackBox, a company that is poised to change the very paradigm in which creatives make the work and all, in turn, co-own the work, and then forever make money on their work.

In our shared conversation with a doc industry guest, Pat, among other things, shares his reasons why we, as creatives, should all be wary of selling our films and shows to the Netflix’s and Amazons of the world, lest we become commodities of our own industry. Pat sees user-generated & owned content as the future and he’s built a platform that helps creators do just that. It’s an engaging conversation that will make you think about how you approach your work, who you collaborate with, and how you can all best make a living selling your work.

In our opening segment, I take a look at the idea of documentary film as a means for creating awareness and perhaps even some positive change in the world.  How are we making films in a way to be creating some impetus for change?  Many of us are using our films as a tool for social activism.  But what about those who simply want to create a story, and any sort of awareness or change for an issue, is secondary to that story, at best?  I would argue that both can be equally as effective in opening the hearts and minds of the world around us.  And that collectively, we as documentary filmmakers are having some positive impact on the world around us… one film at a time.


Check out the Blackbox website and join the Facebook group here.



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