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41 – How to Get Your First Documentary Grant + Documentary Filmmaker, Jennifer Brea

September 22, 2017

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Getting your first documentary grant can be akin to getting into your first documentary film festival.  That is, it is often the first one that is the most difficult one to get.  Getting that first grant can often be the keystone to making other grants happen.

So what are the tricks to getting that first grant for your documentary film?  Well, that’s exactly what we’ll tackle in our first segment of Episode #41.  We’ve had a lot of feedback from our listeners that they are looking for more information on writing treatments and applying for documentary film grants.  This can serve as just the beginning.  (As there will be much more coming!)

Marquee for Jennifer Brea’s stunning documentary, Unrest

In our shared conversation with a doc industry guest, we’ll have a conversation with Jennifer Brea, the filmmaker behind Unrest, a documentary film that has taken the festival circuit and the medical community by storm.  She is the star (if you will) of this deeply personal exploration of chronic illness and how through documentary filmmaking, she has been able to find some answers not only for herself, but for a global population that are all suffering from the condition known as ME/CFS.  Unrest has its theatrical premiere on the day that we release this episode!




View the trailer for Unrest:



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2 comments on “41 – How to Get Your First Documentary Grant + Documentary Filmmaker, Jennifer Brea

  1. George Sep 22, 2017

    Of course I haven’t seen the film yet, but I am SO EXCITED that someone has taken steps to bring this disease to global attention! It seems like it has been languishing in research centers and far corners of the internet. With global exposure and a call to action, maybe it’ll get the attention it deserves (I am a CFS sufferer.)

    • thedocu5 Sep 23, 2017


      I am so happy that you found your way to this episode of my podcast. I couldn’t agree more with what you are saying. Jennifer’s mission with this film is pure and it is so very important. Let us hope that others will see the light as well!! Thanks again for your comment and for listening to the programme.

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