25 – Ten Hot Tips for Your Interviews

April 28, 2017

Director, Chris G. Parkhurst conducts an interview

The interview is the cornerstone of the documentary film.  And therefore mastering the conducting of the interview is not something to be taken lightly.  It is an art form unto itself.  But sadly, many take this age-old journalistic practice for granted.  And because of it, risk unusable content for their film or worse, yet, maybe even alienating their interviewee!  Conducting a proper interview will give you thoughtful, insightful, and/or provocative sound bytes in which to cut your documentary film.

And so here, in Episode 25, I’d like to provide you with ten hot tips for your interview practice…

*NOTE* Please feel free to leave some comments about some of your own tried and true interviewing techniques.  Remember: The Documentary Life is a place for us documentary filmmakers to network and share.  We gotta spread the knowledge around, doclifers!!

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