21 – How to Stop Getting Derailed and Refocus on Your Documentary Film

March 3, 2017

Remember when you were incredibly excited about that new documentary project you’d been working on?  The one that you even raised some funds via Kickstarter and shot about 50+ hrs of footage?  Then do you remember when in the middle of production you and your wife had your first child?  Yeah, you were having to work all of the time just pay the medical bills?  Then suddenly it was all you could do just to occasionally post on your film’s facebook page?  Next thing you know, you hadn’t even so much as looked at a frame of footage in a year.

Yeah, me too.

So this episode is for you.  It’s for us.  It’s for most any filmmaker that I know, who has a passion project that often goes neglected for long stretches of time, because, well… life gets in the way.  Sh*t happens, you know?  But not to worry!  This is completely 100 percent absolutely normal!  Happens to the best (and the rest) of us.  And thankfully, by changing up a few bad habits that we’ve picked up on our filmmaking and life’s journey, we can refocus and get back to doing what we love doing – working on our doc!

Listen to this, episode 21, as I detail four very straightforward ways to help you refocus and get your derailed dream project back on the proverbial track.  And in my usual candid manner, I share a bit about my personal and professional story, so you can see how Steph and I have currently been experiencing this with our beloved Elvis of Cambodia project, and how we plan to refocus and get things going again this year!



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