Adding a Couple of New Members to the Family

April 22, 2016

So the first third of 2016 has seen us make some significant additions to the Barang Films Family.

Firstly, back in the first week of January we decided to upgrade our facilities to include 4k shooting capabilities. Since we’d had so much luck over the years with the Canon line of cameras we decided to make a serious jump from the C100 EOS camera to the C300 Mark II EOS Camera. This was not an investment that we took lightly – nor should you at at $15,999 price tag – but one that we’d well-researched and meditated on for quite some time. We pulled the trigger on this magnificent piece of machinery and haven’t looked back since, having already done a myriad of jobs including Intel whiteboard videos, an undisclosed line of unique women’s yoga apparel, a state political spot for Brad Avakian, Bissell vacuum cleaner infomercials, just to name a few.

And of course, we’ve already been using it on some Broll shots for Elvis of Cambodia.  As you might imagine we’re quickly finding that this has made an immediate impact both creatively and financially for our business.  Creatively, I can’t even begin to list the ways in which this has opened things up for us.  The advantages of this camera are well documented.  Financially, word quickly got around that I was one of a handful of owner/operators in Portland, Oregon with the camera, so I’ve been fortunate to have landed a number of gigs because of this.  And because we’d started receiving more requests for 4k footage, Barang Films has had an increase in the amount of productions that we’ve been responsible for!

So the addition of the new Canon camera has been wonderful, however, I must say that it pales in comparison to our most recent addition to the family.  As of April 13, 2016, Maya Scarlett Geoffrey Parkhurst-Vincenti was brought into the world!  That’s right, child number two arrived safe and safe and screaming at the world at 7:48 in the morning, thanks to my amazing and beautiful wife who endured nine and a half months of sickness to make this all happen.  IMG_4284

Now, anyone who has known me over the years can tell you that the fact that I now am married with two kids is a bit surprising, to put it as mildly as possible.  I never really saw this happening in my life.  And to be honest, I’m still learning what this whole thing means, and how to appropriately treat it.  Let’s just say that it took me about ten months before I truly embraced our son, Flynn..!  Now I truly cannot imagine being without him.  I love this little boy more than I thought I could love anything.  Here’s to hoping the transition to openness and love will happen much more quickly for our daughter, Maya!  I’m sure Steph will be happy f this happens in this way.  And I’ve no doubt that it will.

So for all of you filmmakers out there just beginning a family or thinking about doing so… well, I wouldn’t exactly recommend taking advice from me, but surely over the next few years if you stick with me, I’ll show you what NOT to do!  Haha.  (And for all you filmmaking parents out there who have already been doing it for awhile, please please please, drop me a line and give me some advice.  I’ll take all that I can get!)  I recently found a pretty cool interview/article about a “Father filmmaker”, Jeff Stern.  I think that some of you may definitely appreciate some of his rather sagely advice and inspiration.


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